By Katja Špoljar - Wednesday, May 10, 2017

So my girlfriend had this stupid idea how we should finally go on a proper party themed spring break so we won't regret it when we're old. We didn't go out together for the last three years, so I was completely into it. It was a kind of a spring break one shoud go in their twenties. Or even beter: earlier. It took me forever to pack everything even though we only went for 3 days, but i was heading to Germany after it, so that meant packing for summer and winter at the same time, but i nailed it, or at least I think I did. 

We stayed in a spacious apartment with balcony in Poreč (also very cheap, about 20€/night). The first evening turned into drinking beer and watching sunrise on the beach at 7am., right after we arrived home from the club. At 9 in the morning I was so tired I totally blacked out, but Tina stayed up until lunch time - that was quite a record :D. You can imagine how our Saturday went. We slept the whole day, except for those two hours around 18:00 when we were woken up by our hungry stomaches. All of our younger friends drank the day away, but we (as mature adults) decided to spend the rest of the evening in the warm embrace of our beds. #feelingold. On Monday our batteries were fully charged and that meant it was time to do some exploring!

Can you imagine, this pictures were taken with iPhone? Pretty cool.
 Love, K.

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