By Katja Špoljar - Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Berlin, Berlin! So close but yet so far that I've never been there before. The famous-wall-city was on my ''go to'' list for quite some time now and when the opportunity appeared I wasn't really thinking much if I should go or not, it was an instant yes to the adventure. And yes, we had a blast!

 Berlin ZOO is a must for all animal lovers wandering around the city, because it's a home to more than 1,800 animals, including penguins! I haven't seen those before and I fell in love a little bit. Those little water rockets are the cuttest and I wouldn't mind having one at home. :D
Can you imagine living here? Those giraffes are pretty lucky to have such a stylish living room.
 Obligatory pictures with the famous Berlin wall paintings
Getting into that Christmas spirit. Chistmas markets are around every corner and the food is so delicious. We tried so many differens things, it looked like we came to the city just to stuff our mouths with burgers, curry-wursts and chocolate. Can't help it, food equals life. ;D
Stone cubes -  representing Holocaust Memorial to the murdered jews of europe.

We heard that the Berlin ZOO is getting fluffy new residents next spring. They're black&white and some might say they look like bears :P. So until then, Berlin!.

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